Examples of Mustard & Milk

Here are a few examples from the book, just in case the descriptions haven't clicked.
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Word-by-Word Gibberish

"Templeplate the season of rice. Has it gone? Has it sauced it so offers can’t mechanical damply? Magistically a boner flies and so dwindles the Pocket-Russians. There slakes a chino. Is the full burl really making up tonight come drive into the sight the meaty bite outlier holding tight? Puck patience roof gear. Montana bale trips in Sunday flame hoops."

Readable Nonsense

Bad Manty welcomes sips of barf upon his porch… but the holographic depiction of his innards was not accurate last week at the museum, so he ripped off his fingers and flung them at the boys chanting in the hall.

Short Story Material

“Pay the Lardman in grease Patty… it’s all he cares about.” Burgie spewed his demand at his sweet little moist wife. Little does he know that the “Lardman” is actually a creative and nuanced gigolo who scoops nibs of dried pancreas from herdsmen and women to the tune of 800 packets of fire sauce per day.

About the Author & Illustrator

Van Sanders


Van is Powderman Judge-Corn. If he were any more scrupulous he'd spank a mormon's crust.

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Bryan Fleming


Bryan “Brybox” Fleming is an illustrator, comic maker and writer based in Portland, OR. Through the use of various spells, he conjures delights that delve into weird, wonderful places.

With poems and pixels, he weaves stories that enrapture the minds and hearts of those around him. He is the Bard that no one asked for, traversing the Cosmic Seas that no one has seen.